Working With Lists

Most lists of items in Training Calendar work the same way. The list above has buttons for common operations. However, there are also keys that you can press to accomplish the same tasks.

Add (shift + enter)
Adding an item to the list will also open its editing dialog.
Delete (Del)
Selecting an item in the list and pushing delete removes it.
Edit (enter) or (double click)
Opens the dialog that allows you to edit the selected item.
Move Up (shift + up arrow)
Moves a selected item toward the top of the list.
Move Down (shift + down arrow)
Moves a selected item toward the bottom of the list.
Rename (Alt + enter)
Most editing dialogs allow you to change the name of an item or you can use this button.
Cut, Copy, Paste (Ctrl + X), (Ctrl + C), (Ctrl + V)
Most lists support these commands for a selected item.

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