SailboatRaceApplet requires Java(tm).

Copyright © 2007 by Claude Heintz

The applet computes corrected time based on the USSA portsmouth handicap for the wind and ranks sailboats accordingly.

The applet requires that you trust it in order for it to read and write files to and from your computer. Depending on your browser/java configuration, you can probably "not trust" the applet and play with it. But, you will generate an error if you try to open or save a file.

The Setup panel lets you configure the entries and the race. The Results panel lets you enter times or places.


The race title is used when exporting an HTML results page. The wind is used in computing corrected times based on handicap. "All Start" races include overall competition between divisions as well as within divisions. "Fleet Start" races could also be multiple seperate races--they only have division results.


Each entry is identified by a sail number and captain. Each entry belongs to a class and a division. Classes and divisions are specified in the other tabs of the setup.


Each division either uses portsmouth handicaps or is composed of boats of the same class.


The USSA portsmouth handicaps for each class are specified in this panel. Find handicaps here.


For "All Start" races, enter the elapsed time in the "ET" column. You can also enter "dns", "dnf" or "rc".

For "Fleet Start" races, enter the elapsed time as above for entries in a division that uses portsmouth handicaps. If an entry's division does not use portsmouth handicaps (all the boats are of the same class), directly enter a place. You can also enter "dns", "dnf" or "rc".


The "Save..." and "Open..." buttons allow you to save and open a race file. This means that you don't need to re-enter the entire race if you find you need to make a change. All the setup information is saved with a race.

"Clear Results" allows you to remove only the results information, keeping the setup intact. This lets you open a race file, clear the results and save it as a new race.

The "Example" button enters some boats and divisions based on Lake Monona Sailing Club.

The "Export HTML..." button will save the race as an HTML file on your computer. The title will be added to the HTML page.